From new tires to tire rotation, we support all of your tire needs to safely travel the roads of Vancouver!

You should plan on rotating your tires every three to six thousand miles; however, a good rule of thumb if you do a lot of driving, is during every oil change. Uneven wear on your tires could lead to poor fuel economy and shorten the life of your tires, requiring replacement more often. Save money by extending the life of your tires through a tire regular rotation. Here’s what we do during a rotation:

  • Rotate tires in an alternating pattern and keep records of it
  • Examine the overall quality and safety of tires
  • Examine tire tread
  • Inspect for correct inflation
  • Inspect and tighten lug nuts

When we rotate your tires you can expect a smoother ride, prolonged life of drive train and tires, better gas mileage, and even tire wear.

Travel safely and schedule a tire rotation today!