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It is recommended that tires be replaced every six years at minimum, however, if you do a lot of driving, every two years is normal. Regular driving causes wear and tear but other factors also affect the frequency of needed replacement. Some of those factors include weather conditions, location, personal driving habits, and roadway conditions. Below is a checklist of things to look for that may indicate you need new tires:

  • Tires below 4/32 or cannot pass the “penny” test
  • Footstep is flush with the tread bars or noticeably minimized
  • Irregular tread wear
  • Soft spots, bulges or bumps on the tire
  • Obvious damage or tears that cannot be fixed

When you do need new tires, we can replace them quickly and get you back on the road. Some of our replacement services include:

  • Installing new valve stems
  • Checking the lug nuts for wear
  • Balance tires
  • Check disc brake caliper clearance
  • Inspect for potential disturbances between calipers, wheels, and rims
  • Tighten lug nuts to proper torque

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