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Just like people, your car needs to dissipate heat to avoid exhaustion and over-heating! During combustion, the engine produces a lot of heat (about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit), and the amount of heat is too much for the engine to bear. The cooling system is an integral part of the combustion process- regulating the vehicle’s operating temperature.

Cars tend to overheat due to a damaged part in the cooling system, typically the radiator which is the heart of the cooling system. It is therefore necessary that all the auto parts must be working properly to ensure the whole system is working efficiently.

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Aside from the radiator, the cooling system is composed of a water pump, hoses, a thermostat, heater core, fan clutch, and radiator fan. All these auto parts have important roles to perform, thus the absence of one can significantly affect the whole cooling process, and overall the engine’s performance.

The cooling system of your car works by taking the coolant (a mixture of antifreeze and water) and absorbing heat from the engine, it is drawn by the water pump from the radiator and is pumped through the engine block. The coolant then absorbs heat from the engine and its parts. It goes back to the receiving tank of the radiator through the radiator hose.

The radiator has tubes that contain a large amount of water and has an area to allow outside air to pass through, as the coolant spreads over the top of the radiator tubes, it transfers heat to the air.

Your car can possibly overheat, engine overheating is one of the most common problems an auto user will encounter. You can simply avoid this by adding water to your radiator. If you notice a problem in a specific part of your cooling system, consult us at My Auto Repair and Tire Center. If the issue is serious, we’ll replace it right away.

The performance of your car greatly depends on your cooling system, no matter how gutsy the engine is, it cannot work normally without a cooling system. The engine can even be useless in an instant if it overheats, and all other auto parts under the hood will be damaged.

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