One of the most crucial safety features on your car is a working brake system. This system should be checked at least once a year as part of your annual maintenance inspection. Most cars have either Standard Brakes or ABS.

A typical system will have a rotor, caliper, brake pads, drums or shoes. If you drive on worn out brake pads, you could damage your rotor too. Staying on top of things with an inspection will save money in the long run and also be much safer.

Never ignore an issue with your brakes. Call My Auto Repair and Tire Center immediately if you have any of the following issues:

  • A high pitch squeak while braking
  • A grinding or scratching sounds when not braking. This could also indicate a bearing issue.
  • Vibrating or shaking while braking.
  • Requiring more pressure than usual to stop.

To maintain good performance of your brakes make sure to never drive with the emergency brake on and have your fluids examined and replaced as needed. If you are having to add more brake fluid than usual, you could have a leak, so make sure to come in if that happens.