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Your air conditioning and heating system keeps your cabin cool in the summer and defrosts in the winter. Without it functioning, your drive can be miserable.

A heating system is a heating unit that acts like a small radiator behind the dash, from here, fans and hoses transfer the heat from the engine to the cabin. Air conditioning systems work the same way by delivering coolant to the fan and blowing air into the cabin.

Heating and A/C don’t completely operate off electric parts, unlike your home systems. Instead, they make use of the engine’s heat energy and the engine’s ability to cool down to change the temperature.

Heating and Cooling systems can wear out, hoses leaking or become obstructed without regular maintenance. Signs you are having trouble will be:

  • In summer, the air inside is slightly cooler than outside.
  • In winter, the air inside is slightly warmer than outside.
  • The air blowing in smells like mildew or rotten.
  • Defroster takes too long to work.
  • The A/C blows warm air or the heater blows cold air.
  • Even on full blast, your vents don’t push out much air.

During our assessment of your cooling and heating systems, we will thoroughly look for damage, leaks, and holes. My Auto Repair and Tire Center will fix all issues and get you back on the road to enjoy your ride.